Class Overview

March 9, 9am-2pm

The day of class, try to arrive by 9 am (318 South Main, 72401). We will take lunch orders and begin class immediately. We plan to take several short 5 min breaks and a 30 minute lunch break at around 11:30. Lunch will be provided by The Parsonage. Please make us aware of any special dietary needs ahead of time. The last hour- hour and a half will be for practice and Q&A.

General topics we plan to cover are light, composition, image processing, phone photography and best printing practices. I will send a follow up pdf via email with a recap of what we covered and my editing formula for phone photos.



Light is possibly the most important element in photography. We will discuss indoor and outdoor light, how to make the most of available light and natural reflectors.



We will learn how to better compose and crop your images and discuss how different angles can improve your images or change the general feeling.


Phone photography

Getting the most out of your camera phone is so important, as it is the camera we all have with us the most. Stop thinking of it as “not my good camera” and start making beautiful, printable memories when the moment strikes.